What are Alcon® Dailies® daily wear lenses?

You may be surprised at how comfortable, convenient and affordable contact lenses can be. And, just like the eyeglass frames, today there are a wide range of options for contact lenses so you can give your eyes exactly what they need.

What are Alcon<sup>®</sup> Dailies<sup>®</sup> daily wear lenses?

Single-use contact lenses are contact lenses that you put on in the morning, and simply throw them away at night. Every day starts with a fresh, clean, new pair.

What are the benefits?

A difference you can feel

  • Single-wear lenses designed to provide long lasting comfort

  • Experience crisp, clear vision

No hassle, no fuss

  • Every day starts with a brand new pair

  • No need to clean lenses or buy lens care solution

What are the benefits?

What makes Alcon® Dailies® lenses the right choice?

There are currently two ALCON® DAILIES® contact lenses:

  • DAILIES® AquaComfort® are designed for refreshing comfort so you can make the most of every day, all day long. They are designed to release additional moisture throughout the day, every time you blink.
  • TOTAL1TM are the first and only water gradient contact lens with nearly 100% water on the surface providing long last comfort. 9 out of 10 lens wearers agree that the lens was so comfortable it felt like they were wearing nothing at all^.

^ Based on wearers agreeing with the statement, “while wearing my lenses, I sometimes forget I have them on ”.

Both products can allow you to experience crisp, clear and comfortable vision with no additional need to clean your lenses or buy lens care solution.


Single-use ALCON® DAILIES® contact lenses are hassle free and are designed to SEE CLEARLY Every single day.